Tony’s barber’s is by far the best barber shop I’ve ever been too in my life! As a kid and a young teenager I would literally wait for my hair to grow back to go back to this shop!
It’s a family business, and one of the coolest hairdressers I’ve ever been to! Tony is the father, he reminds me of a cross between Keith Richards and Howard Marks. Brendon is his son, and the guy that I often dealt with when I went with my haircuts.
Basically you could sit and talk about music for hours with these guys because this is what they lived and breathed aside from their barber jobs. They had a vinyl player and a massive CD collection in the shop, and were happy for you to take your own CD’s in to listen to and discuss while you got your haircut.
They’re a hairdressers that remember you even three years after the last time you came in, and it’s stuff like this that matters! They give a great haircut and it’s very affordable and 100% friendly!